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Welcome to Bora Mare

At Bora Mare d.o.o. we take pride with our ability to be accessible at all times for every customer. No matter whether you are undecided to the design of your project or you merely have questions regarding the equipment available for your project - we encourage our customers to contact us to discuss all options which will suit best to your appetite and your budget. We look forward to serving your marine electronics needs.
Bora Mare provides complete electronic solutions for your vessel - from drawings thru her final voyage.

At Bora Mare we know what is important concerning to the technical level onboard of any type of vessel.

Whether you are a shipowner, builder, or buyer, we can provide you with a qualitive support towards realizing, your vision and your wishes.


With the experience that we gained over the last 15 years, we can give you the type of service that you expect.

For you as our customer it is important to fully know us as the company but also the individuals who keep enabling Bora Mare to be the top company in its industry niche.
You will come to contact with different people from our organization - from Sales and Technical support to our technicians onboard your vessels. Because of this, we love to share information about our professional background as well as references on previous projects.

We also want to provide you with the latest news about our company, the industry and modernization of the maritime technology or regulation, such as IMO/SOLAS, etc.

We hope that you will find all the required information on our website.
If you need more information about a topic that is not described on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we would love to hear your praises and your critiques (which help us improve and keep the course!).

We are looking forward to answering your calls and messages in order to guide you towards the solution(s) that are required for your projects. We thank you for your trust!

Target Audience

The maritime sector is a huge industry which needs a special approach in order to make sure all is going well. We need different people for a smooth situation on the sea, people for regulations, others for building, etc.

At Bora Mare we are not making any difference between types of vessels, whether they are a seagoing ship of 400 m LOA or a pleasure vessel of 5 m LOA. It is a known fact that every vessel needs a certain level of technical perfection in order for passengers and the crew to fully enjoy journeys that are made with it.