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© 2019 - BORA MARE d.o.o. - Alle Rechten Voorbehouden

© 2019 - BORA MARE d.o.o. - Alle Rechten Voorbehouden

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Clear and reliable onboard communication is critical for safe operation of the vessel when out at sea. To keep you covered, Bora Mare supplies a

wide range of type approved internal communication systems.

The internal communication portfolio is completed by our range of sound powered telephone systems, UHF and VHF systems with ship-wide coverage (both digital and analog), paging and DECT systems, intercom and talk-back systems, plus GSM systems.

But it doesn’t stop there… As a system integrator we bring additional value to the market by interfacing and integrating hardware and software to the internal communication system.


For example, we can assure that specified alarms generated by the alarm and monitoring system are displayed and can be accepted on a handheld DECT telephone, or even a digital UHF radio. A general alarm call triggers all televisions to mute immediately, and display the correct routes for all life boats in the case of an emergency. A bilge alarm then activates an SMS to be sent to an onboard or onshore GSM.

Our team of experts is ready at hand with the necessary knowledge regarding IMO and classification societies, in order to design the system according to the applicable rules and regulations. They can even advise you on the best internal communication system to suit your specific needs as our customer.



- Sailor 150 Fleetbroadband

- Sailor 250 Fleetbroadband

- Sailor 500 Fleetbroadband

MF/HF Radio´s


- Sailor 6300 MF/HF


- FS-1575/2575 MF/HF



- Sailor 800 VSAT

- Sailor 900 VSAT

- Sailor 100 GX

- Sailor 60 GX

- Sailor 600 VSAT Ka

- Sailor 900 VSAT Ka

- Sailor 900 VSAT High Power

- Sailor 600 Vsat Ku

Inmarsat - C


- Sailor 6110 Mini-C GMDSS

- Sailor 6120 Mini-C SSAS

- Sailor 6130 Mini-C LRIT

- Sailor 6140 Mini-C Maritime

- Sailor 6150 Mini-C Distress

- Sailor 6006 Message Terminal


- FELCOM-18 Inmarsat-C Terminal

- FELCOM-19 Inmarsat-C Terminal

VHF Radio´s


- Sailor 6210 VHF

- Sailor 6215 VHF DSC Class D

- Sailor 6216 VHF DSC Class D

- Sailor 6217 VHF AIS Receiver

- Sailor 6222 VHF DSC Class A

- Sailor 6248 VHF

- Sailor 6249 VHF Survival Craft


- FM-8900S VHF


- RS20 VHF Radio

- RS35 VHF/AIS Radio

- RS12 DSC VHF Radio




- Sailor EPIRB

- Sailor SART II

- Sailor 5051 SART AIS



- Sailor SC4000 Iridium

- Sailor 4300 Iridium Next

VHF/UHF Portables


- Sailor SP-3500 Series

- Sailor SP-3520 GMDSS

- Sailor 3965 UHF Fire Fighter

Sat - TV


- Sailor 90 Satellite TV

- Sea Tel 80 TV

- Sea Tel 100 TV

- Sea Tel 100 TVHD

- Sea Tel 120 TV

- Sea Tel 120 TVHD


- Travel Vision Q7 DUO Inland

- Travel Vision Q7 Inland

- Travel Vision G6 Yachting & Coaster