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FURUNO provides a complete solution for ECDIS retrofit ranging from single ECDIS configuration to a full Integrated Navigation System (INS) with Track Control System (TCS). This means that FURUNO, based on our experience from hundreds of ECDIS and INS installations, can provide you with the solution that fits your requirements. FURUNO ECDIS are in operation worldwide on all kind of vessels ranging from container feeders and small chemical tankers to large ferries and LNG tankers. The design and user interface have been developed to provide an easy and reliable operation and to accommodate the operator with easy access to the necessary functions and data to operate the vessel safely. The user interface is designed to guide the operator through the various steps of planning and performing route steering. The hardware design is made to meet the current standards issued by the maritime authorities and to provide indispensible support to navigators under tough environment at sea. When selecting FURUNO as a partner to integrate ECDIS into your fleet, you will have a chance to obtain a wide range of comprehensive services and support as a total package of ECDIS solutions.

IMO ECDIS Model Course 1.27 (generic ECDIS training): available at INSTC Denmark

STCW requires that all masters and officers in charge of a navigational watch (Officer of the Watch: OOW) on a ship fitted with ECDIS shall have completed a generic ECDIS course and hold an ECDIS certificate in accordance with IMO model course 1.27.

This ECDIS training provides the trainees with knowledge of the ECDIS as a system, the ECDIS operation, electronic chart materials and practical navigation by using ECDIS. Also, the course includes terms and conditions for implementing paperless navigation. The training course focuses upon many advantages and safety features obtained by operating ECDIS. Also, the limitations of ECDIS are taught throughout this training course.

This training is concluded with 3 compulsory tests, and, if passed, a certificate is issued, which confirms the trainees' successful completion of the generic ECDIS training in accordance with IMO Model Course 1.27, reviewed by DNV SeaSkills™.

This training course provides the navigators with the knowledge and tools to safely shift from traditional paper chart navigation to electronic chart navigation by use of ECDIS.

This training course complies with the IMO STCW code.

ECDIS familiarization training course: available both at INSTC Denmark, INSTC Singapore and NavSkills training centers

The FURUNO ECDIS familiarization training provides the trainees with the specific knowledge about functionality and effective use of FURUNO ECDIS for navigation onboard.

The training covers the following aspects of FURUNO ECDIS operation:

  • Familiarisation with available functions

  • familiarisation with the menu structure

  • Display setup

  • Setting of the safety value

  • Recognition of alarm and malfunction indicators and the actions to be taken

  • Route planning

  • Route monitoring

  • Changing over to backup systems

  • Loading and updating of charts and licences

  • Updating software


The training is concluded with a compulsory test. Upon successful completion of the test, the navigators is issued a certificate that confirms the successful completion of the FURUNO ECDIS familiarization training course.

This training complies with the STCW and ISM Codes, audited and certified by ClassNK.(INSTC Denmark and INSTC Singapore)