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It is very unfortunate if you suddenly have to interrupt your activities caused by electronical failure. That is why Bora Mare  has her own electronical workshop with professional engineers available to carry out repair work on component level in their Service Office.


We repair the components on the PCB instead of replacing the print board itself to smoothly get the navigation and communication systems up and running.

Our electronic repair workshop is equipped with the most advanced equipment, such as an advanced solder station, BGA solder station, several multimeters, oscilloscope digital and analog, mixed-signal digital oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, antenna-analyzer, RF generator, function generator, infrared thermic camera and calibrator for multimeters. Besides that, strategic spare parts are kept in stock to make sure urgent repairs are executed quickly and efficiently.

Besides analyzing, modifying, developing different systems and repairing it is important to have them checked and calibrate. There is also legislation and regulation regarding calibration. Equipment must work within the proper calibration range at all times.


This is also necessary to guarantee the safety of people concerned. Bora Mare uses high-grade calibration equipment, tested and calibrated annually by qualified and approved organizations. The way we calibrate our customers’ instruments and systems are therefore reliable, maintained with high standards and technically competent.

Our electrical engineers have experience and knowledge with:

  • Navigation: deepsea and inland radar, solid-state radar, several GPS compasses, several gyro compasses, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo apparatus, several AIS, fish finders, echosounders and speedlog.

  • Weather: anemometer, weather stations, weatherfax and navtex. 

  • Computers: industrial computer, industrial keyboard/mouse, industrial UPS, industrial KVM switches and industrial monitor.

  • Audio and Video: professional industrial amplifiers, camera and IR camera and DVR recorders.

  • Safety systems: SART, EPIRB, fire detection and VDR.

  • Automation: PLC, frequency drives, sensors and PIC + AVR programming.

  • Communication: several VHF, UHF, MF/HF-radio, radio-directionfinder, satellite systems, GSM systems and PABX.